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About us

About us

HR Solution d.o.o. is the first agency for consulting and recruitment in Belgrade specialized in the IT sector. We possess more than 15 years of experience in international mediation in employment, outsourcing, as well as in finding experts in the field of Software Development; Systems integration and Technical Support; Quality Control and Testing of the Software; Human Resources Management and Project Management; Sales, Marketing and Consulting. Due to our international orientation and experience, we have access to a database of over 40 000 IT professionals, and therefore a large range of  useful information for the Market and companies that want to develop their business and find the best possible staff.

For our clients we are trying to find professional and reliable people with appropriate theoretical knowledge and work experience, as well as prominent business ethics. This is why we have established a dynamic and growing team of experienced, efficient and professional HR and IT Consultants who are dedicated to our clients and candidates.

Our fields of expertise are:

  • Recruitment of individuals, teams and candidates for part-time /per project;
  • Mapping the competition, Market research, Salary level survey  for IT and BPO industry;
  • Professional training programs: (languages, presentation skills, technological skills, business communication and business skills)

Our goal is to ensure efficiency in the recruitment process and to establish long-term partnerships with our clients. HR Solution provides a wide range of experience and knowledge that we have with unique sphere of clients and candidates. We are trying to support their HR strategies of our clients in finding quality staff.

We conduct a detailed selection process and we can guarantee that all of our candidates pass various types of tests: IQ, English and Psychological tests, as well as an interview with an expert HR Consultant. Our HR Consultants have also undergone professional training in the field of IT and have sufficient skills to optimize the shortlisted candidates and forwarded to clients only candidates who have a minimun of 80% of the required qualifications.

In HR Solution, we believe that our success depends on the success of our clients. With each new project, we aim to bridge the expectations of customers and be their trusted advisors for any future business. We approach every project with enthusiasm and through effective recruitment and selection process and is pleasure  to work hard in achieving  the business goals of our clients. One part of our corporate culture is to encourage their employees to nurture their entrepreneurial skills and to adopt a winning attitude and perspective thinking in finding the best opportunities for the success of our clients.

For our national as well as international business partners we would like to be a constantly, reliable and stable partner, whith  moderation of  provision costs, excellent know-how, flexibility, continuity and accurate service.

That is how we appreciate you!

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